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Family Photo Album

Here is a desciption of my family. More photos will be on soon!

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Jon Andrew White and Cheryl Ann Beasley
(my father and mother)
married June 14, 1975

My mother, Cheryl was born 3-11-57.
My father, Jon was born 11-17-55.

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Maternal Grandmother
Mary Donia Harper
b. March 24, 1934


My grandmother is a very special person to me and I love her with all my heart. She loves to get out and really enjoy life. She does this funny duck noise, which used to crack me up when I was little and still does.

2 Generations
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Uncle Jim, Richard, Dad & Grandpy

1965 - Blairmore Ct. Orange Park, FL (Regina, Richard and Grandpy White)

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Nana White

October 1979-
Nana, Cousin Hope & Me