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Gina's Blog
Thursday, 13 October 2005
Dream of Grandma
Mood:  sad
I had a dream about you Grandma.
I dreamed that I was talking to you and things and how I was doing, etc like we used to do on the phone when you would call. Then all of assudden we talked about Howard and how he was treating Jennifer like the "son of God"/can't doing nothing wrong.
I woke myself crying in the middle of the conversation!

I miss you Grandma, so much!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts me that I can't talk to you anymore.

Posted by beanapooh at 1:26 AM
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Tuesday, 11 October 2005

Mood:  chillin'
Today, the cleaning crew was in the store for the floors - they did a poor job. David came in late and he saw all the mess that they had left. He got a little upset and told us Mr. Lee is going to be upset. I can't believe we got through with the truck load of stuff we got from Monday's truck.

Posted by beanapooh at 3:08 PM
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Friday, 30 September 2005
Bruce's step-mom in Hospital
Mood:  sad
My step-grandma, Joanne has at least 2 more weeks/months to live with her brain tumor. Bruce's sister called and told us last weekend that she doesn't want the radiation treatment anymore.

Posted by beanapooh at 11:01 PM
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Wednesday, 21 September 2005
Bruce with Emphysema
Mood:  irritated
Bruce went to the doctor's this afternoon and when he came back, he told us that he has been diagnosed with emphysema. I started balling in tears, wondering what the hell is going to happen to us next! He reassured me it wasn't terminal or anything...just in the early stages.

Mom threw all the ashtrays out of the house and they are done with smoking - at least for in the house - now they go outside and slowly but surely getting down to the last of the cartons.

Posted by beanapooh at 11:01 PM
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Sunday, 14 August 2005
Grandma in Heaven
Mood:  sad

Aunt B called us and told us that Grandma had passed away in her sleep from heart failure. I went to the bathroom and fell to my knees! How come this has to happen to her. She deserved so much more. They never did tell us what the "ACTUAL" diagnosis was...just as a "Stroke".

She is finally in Heaven where no one can hurt her now. She passed away around 2pm, as they said her heart stopped. May you rest in peace, Grandma! We miss you dearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by beanapooh at 11:01 PM
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Thursday, 7 April 2005

Mood:  smelly
There was a puddle of cat urine on top of the breakfast table. Tossed some papers that were ruinned. Cat box was filled to the rim and a bag of cat litter tossed down next to the box for the cats to use. Dishes piled high. Everyone's pot and pan on the stove. Stove was splattered with food. Mircowave was filthy. Opened cans of cat food and every cat came running and acted as if they hadn’t eaten in a week...meowing and mauling at the can wanting some. Yoda came off the rood, Little One scratching at the front window meowing to come in, Furbie and Murphy hollering too. Gathered and repiled Goldie’s blankets. Put out fresh water and food and gave her attention.

Sent Howard to the store with a long list of cleaning products, including a mop and dust pan. Only Clorox and Ammonia were found, and spray bottles holding these fluids throughout the house.

Picked up the house, put items back in their places were the dogs had drug them out to play. Couch cushions tossed about, nylon footies everywhere! No vacuum, it’s broken and in the bedroom closet; had to use the Shop n’ Vac.

Posted by beanapooh at 11:01 PM
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Wednesday, 6 April 2005
Visit to FL
Mood:  smelly
Mom and I decide to drive down two weeks early. We left Memphis as soon as mom hung up from talking to Howard. We arrived Saturday morning at Grandma’s house. When we walked in, mom & I were knocked over by the smell of cat urine and filthy conditions Howard had allowed and was living in since Grandma was in the hospital.
We immediately started cleaning.

Posted by beanapooh at 11:01 PM
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